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Jim Banish,



Jim has served 20 years as a patrol officer, working in many different roles along the way.  In 2008 his life and career took on a whole new path after his brother Lt. Joseph Banish NYSP took his life on April 1st.  For several years after Jim's life became very tumultuous and he was suffering from deep depression directly related to his job and the traumas that he had experienced over his career.  When Jim was beyond the point where he needed to get help, he discovered that it wasn't as readily available as one would think.  Fortunately for Jim he was able to get the help he needed but discovered that this was a problem within Law Enforcement Nationwide.  He decided to take action by identifying resources in his local area first and also reaching out to fellow officers who Jim knew were struggling as he was, and then directing them to the resources that he had discovered.  Over the past 7 years Jim has expanded by helping other officers throughout the country and assisting the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services with educating others and assisting in teaching a class called TRAUMA all over NYS. When requested, Jim even travels to other parts of the Country to share this training with Law Enforcement Agencies.  Jim is currently a Patrol Officer and the Peer Support Coordinator with the Warren County Sheriffs Office.  His main goal is to continue to help other officers in need by assisting them through their trauma and also by providing the education to all Law Enforcement so that signs and symptoms do not go unnoticed and that we break the stigma which comes with getting help. NYLEAP was started for that exact reason and will bring that education and assistance to Law Enforcement agencies all over New York.  NYLEAP is working in conjunction with other States and will continue to bring assistance and awareness in an effort to stop Law Enforcement Suicides and provide a better quality of life to Law Enforcement families.


Tommy Shevlin,

Vice President


Police Officer Tommy Shevlin started his career 8/31/98 when he joined the NYPD.  He worked in the 70pct for 5 years where he worked patrol and anti crime.  In 2004 he was transferred to be part of the OCCB vice division and worked there as an undercover till Nov 1 2005 when he was hired by the Nassau County Police Department.  Tommy worked in the 3rd pct on patrol for 12 years and was a PBA Delegate for 5 of them.  Tommy is a trained peer support and suicide prevention/intervention officer and currently works for the Employee Assistance Office as a counselor.  Tommy and his beautiful wife Nicole reside in Nassau County NY with their amazing baby boy Mason, and fun loving dog Eli. He has had his fair share of personal and job related issues and has since dedicated his time and passion to helping cops and their families.  "Nothing is more rewarding then helping a cop and getting a thank you letter from his or her family." Tommy Shevlin.



Kristina Colletti, MA, LPC, NCC, CPRP, CCTP,

Clinical Administrator


As a clinician and former volunteer first responder, Kristina’s mission is to help others heal from post-traumatic stress injuries, so they can go on to live their best lives. Kristina obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Biology from Hofstra University and continued her education completing master's level courses in physician assistant studies, as well as completed training to become a certified EMT. Before making the decision to return to school and pursue her true vocation, she worked as a pharmaceutical representative for Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. Kristina is a Board Certified (NCC) Licensed Professional Counselor with an M.A., with distinction in mental health counseling from Hofstra University. Kristina is certified as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP), as well as a Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). She has experience working with individuals who are mandated to treatment through parole, probation, and other alternatives to incarceration, EAP involvement, NYPD, as well as Child Protective Services. Kristina had the opportunity to learn from multiple clinicians at Seafield Services, a licensed outpatient facility by New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Kristina is currently the Northern NJ Clinical Regional Coordinator for Collaborative Support Programs of NJ, a not for profit agency where she clinically supervises the regional staff and provides supports to those struggling with severe and persistent mental illness. Kristina specializes in trauma and believes in treating the whole person, heavily focusing on multiple areas of wellness. She believes that trauma is an injury and with an eclectic evidence-based approach, the injury can heal. “The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it, is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet.” –Rachel Remem

Peer Team Coordinator and Trainer

Peer Team Coordinator and Trainer

Bonita S. Frazer, MS, CTS, FAAETS is the former Mental Health Emergency Planning Coordinator for Erie County.  Through professional and volunteer venues, she has provided crisis intervention and critical incident stress management services to survivors of critical incidents & disasters, and to emergency personnel who respond to these events.  Bonita is a volunteer for the Western New York Stress Reduction Program, the Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team and the Canine Therapy Teams of Western New York.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.